DaFlores: International Flower Delivery


Originally founded in 2001, DaFlores was one of the first companies to notice the need for online flower sales and distribution at the turn of the century. With decades of family owned flower industry experience, they were able to successfully transition to a digital platform as the dotcom revolution was taking the world by storm. Most impressive was the fact that they were able to do this before the genesis of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.


DaFlores, being the opertational e-commerce juggernaut that it is, presented one of the most intriguing digital and cloud computing challenges of today's day and change. CodeForma was charged with transitioning a pre-cloud digital platform to the world of large scale cloud computing on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This meant, taking existing critical legacy systems running on bare metal and transitioning them to the cloud with zero opertational down time.


The team at CodeForma decided on migrating the majority of DaFlore's server and database operations to Amazon Web Services. The decision to use AWS primarily was based on the fact that AWS has a state of the art cloud computing platform as well as excellent customer support and assitance. We ensured that all essential and critical existing databases were migrated over to AWS's Relational Database service, with an emphasis placed on fail over and global data replication. Likewise, all applications were containerized with docker and servers were replicated and autoscalled to ensure 100% uptime for DaFlore's and its customers.



Currently, CodeForma and DaFlores are working on a successfull transition to a 100% cloud platform and integrating their new cloud platform with their extensive network of flowers providers across the globe.