CuiDoc: Latin American Healthcare Startup


We all know that visits to a doctor or dentist can be stressful. No one likes the idea of having to wait hours in a doctor’s office. However, booking a doctor’s appointment shouldn’t be as taxing or lengthy as the actual visit. This was the common scenario that the founders of CuiDoc were seeing in Colombia’s healthcare industry, a disconnect between patients and doctors with a potential digital solution!


The team at CuiDoc came to us with an idea for a web app that would allow doctors to display their calendars and available appointments in real time, while at the same time allowing patients from anywhere in Colombia to quickly search and book an appointment within minutes. This presented the classic startup marketplace problem of connecting “buyers”, our patients, to “sellers” our doctors using a fast and easy to navigate search engine.


We performed a market and structural analysis of the healthcare system in Colombia. With this knowledge, we built a two-sided online doctor’s appointment booking platform that was quickly able to integrate into the health insurance companies and doctor’s offices.



The team of software developers, UI/UX designers and business solutions analysts were able to bring to market the MVP for CuiDoc within 6 months, from initial project conception to fully fledged out web application. Currently the application is being demoed out by private doctor’s offices and clinics in Colombia, while both CuiDoc and CodeForma continue to fine-tune and upgrade the product for perfect market fit.